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User Test and Feedback: Eduvee

How much you'll be paid: $30
Company: eduvee
Job description:

Teachers of High school science - including Honors/AP needed. Spend 15 mins exploring eduvee, a platform for teachers to find curated science materials then compile them into learning playlists for student learning assignments. Follow up with a 45 minute call about your experience of the product and assessment of the resources available. The team appreciate your honest and critical feedback and would also like to better understand how you currently curate, share and manage student resources.
OPTIONAL: If you feel comfortable with the product and feel that it is something that would be useful for your classes, the team would love for you to try it out with your class BEFORE the follow up call.

Subject: Science, STEM
Grade experience required: 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th